Consulting in AI based Test and Burn-in Designs

Based on our experience in automated testing with AI supervision, we are offering access to our repository of hardware and software solutions. We guarantee quality and compliance with main trends of the industry (Open Platform, Client/Server architecture, Distributed Intelligence, Distributed Architecture, Web compliance, Object Orientation, Re-Usability).

Consulting in the Motion based Entertainment Field

We have been directly involved in designing and installing control systems in the Entertainment field. As a result, we benefit of a vast experience in estimating needs and time requirements for large projects in this field:
1. Consulting in the Simulation Field
2. Over 15 years of Control System Design for VR based military training (last contract in this field ended successfully in 1996).

Consulting in the OnLine Entertainment Field

We are a crucial architect in one of the first and largest Distributed Objects based OnLine Entertainment Systems. This comes as an extension to the existing Entertainment Product range that is fully compliant with the OnLine specific requirements.

One of our latest System Design and Specification tasks targets a Video on Demand network of over 16.000 subscribers with guaranteed NTSC/PAL Quality of Service and Web aware.

Consulting in the Customer Profiling Area

Tapping in the Corporate repositories of Soft controls knowledge, ABI can offer over nine years of Data mining experience using a wide range of tools. Modern biometrics based profiling principles offer non-intrusive tracking and profile clustering for one-on-one customization of content.