From the beginning, Allied Bionics focused on the main goals:

  • identify and implement solutions based on high re-usability and open architectures
  • deliver innovative hardware/software products based on distributed computing, while making use of the latest artificial intelligence research: fuzzy logic, neural and genetic algorithms

Today, the results of our efforts are a new generation of motion simulation systems based on the development of the revolutionary, patented “Virtual motion programming and control” (Patent US5768122, filed: Nov. 14, 1995 – issued June 16, 1998). Its an object oriented approach to virtual motion programming that utilizes generic motion identifiers to construct universal generic motion descriptions of complex motion simulations. The result is a highly innovative solution to improve the consistency of the motion simulation experience and an open-platform implementation for the entertainment industry.

In addition, our design team introduces custom implementations of the virtual motion programming concept, into the robotics industry, targeting the platform independent control of the robotic actuators.

We have a mission to supply the highest performance embedded systems available with an object oriented design and platform independence: the key to reliable, re-usable, easily maintained and valuable hardware/software products. Our design team helps facilitate customer engineering tasks such as verification, rapid prototyping and design conversions.